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Tell Your Visual Story

As a spa, the goal is to attract guests, book them in at the best rates, maximize the spend per visit, ensure they want to come back and leave great reviews.

Our mission is to help you do all of this and add some extra fizzle too.

Attractive illustrated maps in print and online not only help them find you but add to your identity and give guests a feel of what to expect. When they arrive in reception and can see on a touchscreen a 3D interactive map of the spa they will be enthralled and excited to uncover.

Once they arrive the fun can really begin. Using Augmented Reality, they can point their phone at your dining menu, see all the food freshly cooked and still steaming listing ingredients/nutritional values, prices etc. and pre order. Look at other treatments too, see videos, animations of how it can rejuvenate them and book additional treatments.

Once a treatment has finished and the therapist passes the guest back to reception, now is the time to capitalize on retail profits. Pointing their phone at a display shelf will tell them the products used in the treatments they had, the health/beauty benefits in videos and animations, allowing them to buy. What about products just coming onto the market, they can be included too and pre ordered, demonstrating you’re at the forefront of beauty technology.

Talk to us about how we can increase guests, improve repeat visits and get five-star reviews.

technologies used

illustrated MAP

Stand out on the web or in print with a map designed uniquely for you, that tells your visual story.


Allow users of your map to really engage with your information either online or on touchscreens.


Make your maps come alive using tablets or smart phones, to enhance the physical world with your story.

3D Map

Allow users of your map to really visualise your information either online or on touchscreens.

illustrated map

An Illustrated map doesn’t just provide information, it gives a feel for who you are, a sense of what to expect if they visit, allowing you to tell your visual story.

interactive map

Interactive maps allow users to consume the content they want, when they want it, in the proportions that allow them to understand the information your presenting.

augmented reality

Augmented Reality allows you to enhance the world around you using a smart phone/tablet bringing alive information to really tell your visual story in a way only AR can.

3D map

A 3D map allows for a more immersive experience with content, allowing all angles to be viewed and  a better visualisation than a 2D map can possibly provide. 

our service to you

No Risk

We never take a deposit or ask for any commitment at the beginning of a project. The only invoice you’ll see from us is after you have approved the final design and your 100% happy. We take the risk, not you.

No Ties

Once full payment is received we transfer all copyrights and source files to you. So if for any reason you’re not happy, or we can’t meet the deadlines, you can approach other companies. We never put you over the proverbial barrel.

Free Updates

It’s important to keep your maps up to date and so we offer free updates in our prices that we quote to you. Lots of developments happening, not a problem we alter the maps to reflect them in construction and after completion too.

Making it Easy

We employ knowledgeable solution managers to guide you through every step of the production process with ease, they speak your language to make sure that your 100% happy with your solution.

Your Design

We’ve created lots of different designs but that doesn’t mean it’s right for you, so we are always happy to take instruction from you as to what you like. We want you to be 100% happy with the visual story your looking to create.

Quality at Pace

We move forward quickly to deliver your solution but never at the expense of quality. We don’t rush, or push you, after all your free to walk away if we have not delivered to your satisfaction.

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