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We all remember our first day at school and how daunting it was. Trying to fit in, make new friends and not get ourselves lost and look silly.

Let visitors and new students easily grasp all that is on offer at the school in an easy to consume visual way, with a custom designed school map. Make it easy to find parking, classrooms, toilets, sports facilities as well as emergency exit points.

No risks with us. We don’t take deposits or ask for any commitment until the design is completed.

Designing Your Map ... Made Easy

We take the stress out of designing your maps by making you aware of the process, so you can plan in advance and by helping you every step of the way.

STEP 1 - Aim of the Map
Having a clear focus on what you want the map to achieve, lets you understand what to include and not include in the map, allowing you to tell your visual story.
STEP 2 - Area of the Map
We have detailed databases of all the locations in the UK and so we will send you initial maps to confirm boundaries.
STEP 3 - Style of the Map
There are many styles of maps for you to pick from but remember it’s your map, so if you see any designs you like just let us know.
STEP4 - Information on the Map
You may want to include Logo’s of any sponsors, or useful local information like websites and phone numbers.
STEP 5 - Features on the Map
Have a think of all the things that you would like highlighted on the map. Don’t worry here’s a few ideas to help. Businesses - Churches - Community Centres - Doctors - Halls - Historic Events - Landmarks - Libraries - Parking - Playing Fields - Post Offices - Public Toilets - Roads - Schools - Visitor Centres
STEP 6 - Well Done
We have all we need to create your visual story for you now. We’ll start sending you proofs for you to view, ready for new map.
Create Your Map


We’ve created lots of different designs but that doesn’t mean it’s right for you, so we are always happy to take instruction from you as to what you like, anything else you’ve seen that could work. It’s your map so we want you to be 100% happy with the visual story your looking to create.

We’ve been doing this a while and so we’ll guide you through the process with ease. We have easy checklists in place, UK location databases and solution managers to guide you at every step.

We supply the final digital map copies in a wide range of formats, allowing you to print them as big as motorway signs, as small as a stamp or put them on websites.

We never take a deposit or ask for any commitment at the beginning of a project. Why? You don’t know us, or our capabilities, what if the designs we produce don’t tell the visual story you’re looking for. The only invoice you’ll see from us is after you have approved the final map proof and your 100% happy. We take the risk, not you.

You have the option to pay the full amount once the final proof has been approved or you can spread payments for a little extra over a few years, whatever works for your budget.

It’s important to keep the maps up to date and so we offer free updates in our prices that we quote to you.

Once full payment is received you own the copyright of the map and your free to enjoy unlimited use, as much printing as you like and put it online, everywhere you can think of.

Our typical turnaround time for maps is 2-3 weeks from when you tell us you want to work together but this also depends greatly on how quickly you can let us know your requirements and approve proofs. 3D maps will take longer though, based on the size and detail required.

You can put logos and website details onto the map to help promote local businesses and assist with costs.

Many councils have managed to secure grants based on our maps increasing tourism to the area or providing residents with clear footpath details to improve their health.

We can quote you on supply and installation of free standing and wall mounted display boards in a variety of materials from Hardwood to Plastic.

Unless otherwise agreed our quote price does not include any printed materials but we are always happy to manage the printing for you too.

Create Your School Map

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