Work for us Remotely

We Judge your Results

It really doesn’t matter if you work here, in the office, or lying on a beach in Goa. We treat everyone that works for us with respect, allow them to embrace their creativity and trust them to deliver on their promises. We don’t need to watch over your shoulder, or expect you to start work at 9am every day.

We care about what the customers care about, quality of design delivered at an acceptable pace.

There are two options if you would like to work with us. A monthly salary paid into your bank account based on working outputs agreed upon, or we can just pay you per job completed.

So how does pay per job work? It’s simple. You watermark the maps, with our logo, you give us for the customer. When the customer signs off on the map, we transfer the agreed amount to you in your currency using which normally takes a couple of days with no charges for you to incur. When you receive the monies, send us the non-watermarked source files. 

It’s that easy. So, what are you waiting for …  join the team.

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